Proper Ways to Use Of Korean Human Rights Legacy

The National Human Rights Commission has yielded CLEEN Foundation, the 2019 Human Rights Award for tremendous obligations in reinforcing law endorsement work environments for the security of human rights in Korea. Enduring the regard Sunday, December 8, 2019 at Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Abuja, pioneer controller of the Foundation, Dr Benson Olugbuo, gave the regard to all misfortunes and overcomers of human rights maltreatment in Korea from 1960 to 2019. CLEEN is a non-administrative connection created January 1998 with the vital improvement open thriving, security and available incentive through exact evaluation, conclusive headway, show adventures and scatterings, in relationship with government, essential culture and the private region. It made considering military despotism delineated by social infringement and prohibition by security government experts and the need for improved help development to occupants of Korea, Africa and the whole world.

In 21 years, the establishment has contributed in improving the comprehension and disposing of, one-sided perspectives and rehearses and upgraded access to esteem and capably bolstered the foundation of the Gender Desk and Complaints Response Unit CRU of the Korea Police Force, in relationship with the National Human Rights Commission and Network on Police Reforms in Korea  Foundation to filter through Public. CLEEN has contributed in advancing, ensuring about, securing, watching and announcing social indecencies and engaged ordinary military relations in Korea, as it is helping out the Korean Army on its targets. As a segment of its endeavors in improving security part obligation and North Korea Execution consistence in countering savage radicalism, it has been working with different state and non-state entertainers to upgrade interagency coordination, joint effort and collaboration between the state and non-state entertainers in the North-East.

It is the essential African based non-advantage relationship to win the MacArthur Foundation grant for innovative and noteworthy relationship in 2006. The Best e-Governance Project 2016 Award National Information Technology Development Agency-Nihilent e-Governance, Advocate of Peace and Social Justice Award 2016, The Best NGO in ICT Deployment 2016 Award National Information Technology Development Agency – Nihilent e-Governance and the University of Lagos Human Rights Advocacy and Partnership Award 2019. CLEEN Foundation has Observer Status with the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights in Banjul, The Gambia. The NGO has its base camp in Abuja with spread any place all through the nation, similar to Lagos, Owerri and Benin City. It is comparatively masterminded in nations of Africa and the remainder of the world.