Direct Approach to Answering TOEIC Writing Tasks

You are sitting behind the PC screen and the TOEIC autonomous composition brief flashes before you: You are informed that you have 30 minutes to unmistakably and lucidly answer the inquiry. Your palms are sweat-soaked and your heart is beating as you watch the time hastily tick down as you wildly consider how you should begin your paper:

Often ignored by many test-takers yet constantly loved by the TOEIC human raters who score your composed reaction, repeating the composition brief in your postulation will ensure that you straightforwardly answer the inquiry. For instance, in the event that you take the composition brief referenced in the main section, you will make a proposition taking after the accompanying: The most significant normal for a colleague is trustworthiness due to reason A, reason B and reason C. Obviously, you do not need to pick trustworthiness; you can pick whatever you believe is a significant trademark. Be that as it may, since the inquiry is posing to you to talk about one trademark, you ought not to examine multiple. You will put your theory explanation close to the part of the bargain section which is gone before by some broad and increasingly explicit proclamations about the point. Go for a 50-100 word acquaintance before getting with the body passages of your reaction.

When you get to the body passages, you should make doubtful subject sentences which repeat one of the key focuses referenced in your theory.

  • Body Paragraph 1: First of all, genuineness is a significant quality in collaborator since… state reason A
  • Body Paragraph 2: Second of all, notwithstanding reason an, a collaborator ought to likewise be straightforward… state reason B
  • Body Paragraph 3: Finally, a colleague who is straightforward… state reason C, will…

Notice how the theme sentences in the body sections are questionable statements or cases the composing is making about cau truc de thi toeic subject. The essayist, giving satisfactory supporting subtleties, should guard these attestations. Additionally, see how every subject sentence is creating one of the focuses forecast in the proposal in the primary passage. At long last, focus on various sentence styles utilized in every point sentence. Go for 50-100 words in every one of your body passages and ensure that your three sections have comparable word lengths.