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Horsetail Equisetum ravens additionally called mare’s tail is among the allotmenteers or garden enthusiasts in general worst nightmares. It is a quite common weed to be located on a great deal of stories – seemingly one that you need to find out to live with – given that it is greater than challenging to eradicate. The well well-known TV garden enthusiast, Alan Titchmarsh, as soon as said something like: If you locate horsetail in your yard, and you desire a yard without horsetail, relocation residence! Sufficient stated. Horsetail primarily spread with its creeping below ground roots, which can drop as far as 1.5 metres. The development starts out in spring as asparagus-like shoots, as well as later in the season develops into fir-tree like plants as shown on the picture. The leading development dies back in winter season.


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The roots can be handed over of the top layers of soil, but regrowth is inescapable. Superficial weeding ought to be stayed clear of, as it gets worse the trouble. By routinely eliminating new shoots as soon as they appear above ground, the plants appear to weaken, and invasion can be lowered rather a lot over a couple of periods.

Chemical control

This results from the plants having an external cuticle that shields it against infiltration. Paardenstaart is immune to a lot of weed killers a minimum of those that can be used anywhere near various other plants and also create. Some success can be achieved by utilizing a systemic glyph sate based weed killer like summary in late summertime when the plant is growing quickly. Before application of the weed killer run a rake across the patch you want to deal with – or squash down the plants, in order to break the safety follicle on them. Any brand-new growth after the very first application should be dealt with quickly – and further therapies later in the period – or early in the following season might well be required.

There are, of course, other natural resources of silica. We can obtain silica from several foods such as: algae, alfalfa, nettle, green leafy veggies, flax seeds, fruits such as apples and grapes, onions, seed items, nut items, all types of berries for example strawberries, dandelion, lettuce, figs, tomato vegetables, sunflower seeds as well as dried beans or pasta. On the surface utilize 10 grams of the powdered herb in one liter of water for compresses. Internally, use the powdered herb for mixtures, taken orally in an average everyday dosage of 6 grams. If you take horsetail internally, drink plenty of water.