TLS for Online Retailers – Singapore Cyber Security For Professionals

To say the growth of the net blew the doors off the Retail sector is an understatement. In less than 20 years, online sales went from being a much-appreciated flow of secondary earnings to being the main stream of revenue for many retailers. Less than a decade into the new millennium, billions of dollars in annual online retail sales – particularly the digitally stored customer information the trades generated – began attracting the interest of identity thieves who hit on a monolithic scale.

Thieves Hit the Bulls Eye With Goal

To customers, one of the most memorable Identity theft hacks occurred in 2013, when a data storage system for Target Corporation – the second-largest discount store merchant enabled hackers to access 249.4 million of the shop’s user records, which included information identity thieves could use to commit fraud. Other noteworthy retail data breaches shortly followed. In 2014, luxury department store Neiman Marcus had 1.1 million consumer records hacked, showing the social security numbers (SSNs) of clients. The same year, craft shop giant Michaels Stores Inc. had 2.6 million client records compromised, with a variety of kinds of data vulnerable to prying eyes.

Cyber Security For Professionals

Judging by national media accounts, it Appears that mainly the goliaths of retail are targets for identity thieves, but this is not correct. Many hacks simply are not large enough to make the news. Even if you run a small to medium size retail company in Singapore land, you are a target, too. Implement impeccable data security protocols with the support of an experienced supplier of cybersecurity solutions in Singapore.

Restoring Consumer Faith in Retail

When you utilize the services of cyber security for HR professionals to safeguard customer data, it is important to realize you are pursuing two corollary goals simultaneously, Assessing the information from identity thieves, and strengthening consumer beliefs in an industry that has seen its fair share of high tech identity thieves strike proverbial gold.