Entries by Shawn Klumpjan

Summer NAMM 2016

So many conventions and trade shows convene at the monstrous Music City Center in Nashville over any year, and in most if not all cases it is so difficult to track the importance and relevance to the growing economy in Middle Tennessee. Living in Nashville as long as I have lived here, I have often […]

Bookwalter: Literally Washington State’s BEST Wines

California has long dominated the landscape in the US and around the world when speaking of American high quality wine. However, as of late, there is a challenger to this position. Washington State has really come into its own with wines that represent the varietal characteristics as well as the terroir indicative and the complexities […]


Maneet Chauhan’s Culinary Journey

A rising star in the culinary universe is often nothing but a flash in the pan these days. With the media awash with cooking competitions and shows transporting their viewers to far off places to experience crazy combinations and somewhat gut curdling creations, it is a difficult task, indeed, for a chef to make a […]

Dining Review: City Winery

Few cities the size of Nashville can brag about possessing the multiple dimensions and facets that large metropolitan cities contain.  Over the last five to ten years, Nashville has grown extremely fast.  What excites me the most is its emerging and very distinctive style – a southern lifestyle that ingeniously incorporates a culture that is […]

A Nashville Gem Finds a Whole New Show

Oh, how the landscape of dining has evolved in Nashville.  The late 90’s and early 2000’s saw an urban core completely different from what we see today.  The landscape was dotted with neon signs and drive-thru menu boards with a few big name full service restaurants.  Melrose and Berry Hill, 12South and Charlotte were not […]