Don’t Build a Team. Build a Person.


Michael Brody-Waite was the CEO and Co-founder of InQuicker, a Nashville-based software company that provides leading national health care systems enterprise digital self-scheduling software so that patients can schedule healthcare services in real time across the continuum of care.

Under Michael’s direction InQuicker grew 20,000% in 6 years and was acquired by a publicly traded company in late 2015. InQuicker has been named to the Inc 500, Inc 5000 and has won “Best Place to Work In Nashville” 4 of the last 5 years. Personally Michael was named as “Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Chamber of Commerce’s Next Awards and has been recognized as a “Top 40 under 40” as well as “Most Admired CEO” by the Nashville Business Journal.

Michael is extremely passionate about recruiting, developing and leading successful teams but his “jam” is building world famous company culture.

Don’t build a team. Build a person.

“At InQuicker our mission was to ‘Reinvent the patient experience’ and my personal mission was to ‘Reinvent the employee experience.’ If I could do the latter, our team would do the former,” he states.
It came down to 3 beliefs:

  1. An Employee is a Person: Each employee is a beautiful person with a life that is so much bigger than what they do for work. Yet they spend as much or more time working. It is potentially the community in which they spend the most time!
  2. Love and Nurture The “Whole Person:” Each person is not just an “Account Manager” but also a “Mother” or “Sister” or “Friend” or leader in their community etc. Each person has their own strengths, weaknesses, fears and dreams that they take with them no matter where they work or who they work with. Our leaders must love, nurture and inspire each person without discriminating between what is “work” vs. “personal.” A whole employee is a whole person. We love and nurture them wholly.
  3. The Whole Person Will Love and Nurture the Whole Company: There is a saying that “It takes a village to raise a child.” In our case, each person is a member of the “village” and the “child” is the company. Here’s where it gets exponentially awesome: If we love and nurture each whole person they will love and nurture both the company AND each other in ways we couldn’t imagine.

To summarize it’s really as simple as this: Love and nurture the “whole person” instead of just the employee. If we do we will have a strong, fully equipped and effective staff. More importantly we will see ourselves and others grow as PEOPLE…not just employees…after all, isn’t that kind of the point? I mean who in this life is just an employee? Not me and, if you are reading this, not you. It’s time to stop building teams and starting building people.

What roles do we play as leaders?

Our Guideposts:

  • Leader: Communication, Mission, Vision, Values & Strategy
  • Manager: Training, Empowerment, & Accountability Maven: Always a student, Always a teacher

What are our leadership values? I.E. What is the character of our leaders?

  • Faith: Lead from a place of humble confidence. No place for ego here.
  • Integrity: Do the next right thing no matter what. No matter the cost.
  • Transparency: Having the “trust” and courage to seek & lean into the uncomfortable truth.
  • Grow: Have the courage to ask for help and share with the team our growing edges.
  • Team: Help people know which part of the body they are and why that is so valuable.
  • Love: Embrace every opportunity to love and nurture the Whole Person.

How do we love each whole person?

  • Empathy/EQ: Consider each person’s unique perception & situation.
  • Thoughtfulness: Love each person in their love language.
  • Gifts: Each benefit is a gift, be as impactful as possible.
  • Inspiration: Help each person achieve something they didn’t think was possible.
  • Service: Know and support what matters most outside of work

For more information, you can contact Michael Brody-Waite at

pictured: Michael Brody-Waite was the CEO and Co-founder of InQuicker
photo courtesy of Michael Brody-Waite