Inception RX: A New Kind of Pharmacy


Kevin Hartman is no stranger to the pharmacy business. He began working for his father’s pharmacy and learning the ropes of the business when he was in high school in the mid-1980s. After attending pharmacy school, he continued working for his father until opening NPS Pharmacy in 2001. His vision was to create a pharmacy for people who needed more hands-on care than a traditional pharmacy could offer.

“NPS really has a lot of different options and programs for people that will help them to stay on their medication and help be adherent to therapy,” states Hartman. “We offer many options to improve customer service and pharmacy experience.”  NPS Pharmacy’s primary patient population are specialty patients:  those with life-threatening illnesses including HIV.  “Most of those patients require a lot more care and hand-holding than what typical pharmacies can provide and it can be a challenge to manage.” NPS has designed programs to make these patients’ experiences successful and has witnessed superior results in patient outcomes and experience.

Last year, the Nashville Business Journal named NPS Pharmacy one of the fastest growing private companies in Middle Tennessee. Hartman attributes their strong growth to a combination of word-of-mouth advertising along with high physician and customer satisfaction. “We do a lot of direct marketing to doctors as a way to help them take better care of their patients, but I think the way we take care of people is really what we can attribute to our growth.”

ObamaCare has affected both NPS and Hartman’s newest venture Inception RX in a couple of ways. First, the company has seen more people that have insurance now than in previous years, which in effect increases their customer base. “The other main thing that will influence Inception RX is the emphasis ObamaCare has had on outcomes, value, and quality care, which is really new in the pharmacy business.”

kevin-hartman-by-reflection-by-tanyaInception RX was developed to partner with businesses and their employees to provide a better pharmacy experience.  Healthcare is ever-changing and Hartman was seeing more and more of a need for the pharmacy to be able to offer more services, such as specialty adherence packaging, free delivery (to workplace or home), explanation of benefits, refill reminder phone calls, deeper counseling about the product(s) one is taking, and programs that educate.

Inception RX partners with businesses in the area and their employees to offer them the absolute best experience and, from a business perspective, ensures they are making use of their pharmacy dollar spend appropriately.

“The name speaks a lot to the concept. We wanted something that spoke to a new day in pharmacy. Our vision is to partner directly with companies to provide services for their companies’ employees and families,” Hartman explains

The company currently operates out of their Brentwood office with the intention of growing to Cool Springs, Downtown Nashville, and other business centers. “We want to become a household name and to be synonymous with a superior experience and better value for what the customers are spending money on compared to what they are getting now at a traditional pharmacy.”

Future plans include programs targeting elderly care services, including assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and independent living homes. The company also plans to work with insurance companies to help them provide a better product for the lives they cover.

“A company spends a lot of money on pharmaceuticals each year, and every year, that amount is growing substantially. We provide a better experience, service, value, and outcome than the other pharmacies and, overall, we believe we can help companies reduce their overall healthcare dollars by managing the pharmacy benefit properly. Pharmacy is the cheapest, most affordable way to keep patients healthy and we believe we can help employers do that and essentially keep costs down.”

Photo of Kevin Hartman by Reflection by Tanya