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It’s never too late to book your summer vacation. We scoured the globe to find some of the world’s most unique destinations and experiences. From dogsledding in Greenland to wine tasting in Virginia, here a few ideas for the ultimate summer getaway.

fish-russian-wilderness-courtesy-frontiers-international-travelFish Remote Russian Wilderness – Ryabaga Camp on the Ponoi River is located above the Arctic Circle and accessed via a 2 hour Mi-8 helicopter ride across remote Russian tundra. A totally wild Atlantic salmon population thrives in the Ponoi River.  Anglers enjoy single occupancy cabins with gourmet food and fine wine. Frontiers International Travel arranges everything, including flights, activities, and visas. Photo Courtesy of Frontiers International Travel

Dogsled and Trek Glaciers in Greenlandgreenland-courtesy-big-chill-adventuresTravel to West Greenland to explore and photograph fantastic landscapes of pristine beauty, exotic, arctic wildlife and northern lights. This all-inclusive adventure is a splendid introduction to the highlights of Greenland: calving glaciers, palatial icebergs, dogsledding, wildlife viewing, and trekking the Greenland Ice Sheet. Photo Courtesy of Big Chill Adventures

Belgium Beer Bike Tourbelgium-beer-bike-tour-courtesy-ciclismo-classicoBiking Belgium is truly a beer-loving cyclist’s dream, as there are 1,130+ beers brewed in country. In addition to Trappist ales and abbey beers, it churns out lagers such as Stella Artois and Jupiler. This unique itinerary offers access to more boutique breweries than any other European bicycle tour. Photo Courtesy of Ciclismo Classico

city-slicker-weekend-courtesy-red-reflet-ranch“City Slicker” Cowboy Weekend – Hike, ride horses, ATV, and play cowboy at Red Reflet Ranch in Wyoming. The ranch is both working ranch and luxury resort where guests are treated like family.  Additional activities include guided hikes, dirt bike rides, fly fishing and mountain biking.  Guests can explore the 25,000 acre ranch, work cattle, fish on private streams and enjoy abundant wildlife. Gourmet dining includes ingredients from the ranch’s butcher shop, organic greenhouse and gardens.  From cattle drives to branding, the true western lifestyle thrives at Red Reflet. Photo Courtesy of Red Reflet Ranch

hawaii-cycliling-tour-courtesy-ride-and-seekTackle an Ironman Bike Course – Bike tour operators Ride & Seek and Big Island Bike Tours have partnered to offer a new Hawaii tour on which guests will ride the infamous Ironman Kona bike course, cycle through famous coffee plantations and ride up the world’s largest active volcano Mauna Loa (13,677 ft.). Other highlights include: luxury accommodations, soaking in the heated tide pools of Kapoho, and delicious local cuisine. Photo Courtesy of Ride & Seek

galapagos-courtesy-adventure-lifeProve Darwin’s Theory – Experience Darwin’s Enchanted Islands on a luxury Galapagos cruise or tour. At the link below find a selection of the most luxurious yachts and cruise ships hand-picked by Adventure Life’s Galapagos Experts for their unrivaled level of service and style. Luxury-class ships and small yachts boast the most spacious accommodations, top-level cuisine, superior service, and highest rank naturalist guides.  Photo courtesy of Adventure Life

ASPEN-by-Jeremy-SwansonGet Artsy in Aspen – While the ski slopes of Aspen’s four surrounding mountains beckon winter-sports enthusiasts, it is summer that compels many to fall in love with the town. An endless array of arts, culture, dining, and nightlife during non-winter months give Aspen an urbane feel that belies its small-town charm. The town swells with talent during the summer season as the cultural soul of Aspen comes to life, with an artistic calendar rivaling those of a thriving metropolis. The esteemed Aspen Music Festival & School, the contemporary Aspen Art Museum, The Aspen Institute, Theatre Aspen, and Aspen Writers’ Foundation are just a sample of Aspen’s artistic heritage. Photo by Jeremy Swanson

Drive the Whiskey Wine Loopwhiskey-loopIf you only have two days for a wine drive, hop in the car and head to Virginia’s northern Blue Ridge Mountains. This compact wine-tasting route is only two hours from the Washington D.C. metro area and offers: seven wineries, a world class whiskey distillery, art, food, entertainment, and gorgeous natural scenery along the northern stretch of the Shenandoah National Park.